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Office of Instructional Design News – Spring 2015

Lunch’n Learns & Annual Instructional Technology Workshop
We are happy to announce the return of the Lunch’n Learns!  If you are not familiar with Lunch’n Learns, these are 1 hour events where faculty and staff presenters give an overview of cool things they are doing with technology (in or out of the classroom) while the rest of us have lunch.  : )  Past sessions included A Look at RefWorks, Using Twitter in the Classroom and Discovering Video Conferencing Options @ TCNJ.  For the spring semester, we are tentatively planning on holding one on March 25 and another on April 22.  If you would like to present or have suggestions, please contact us at 

Save the date for the 16th Annual Instructional Technology Workshop on May 20, 2015. 

The Spring 2015 semester is here and your Canvas course shells are ready to be set up.  You can find Canvas support resources and workshop schedules at under the Canvas menu.  You can also reach these resources using the Canvas Help menu.  Below are some tips and links to help you get started.

          Remove prior courses from your course menu by Customizing your Courses & Groups dropdown.  This helps reduce the number of course options on many of the menus in Canvas.

          Check out the instructor quick start guide for a course check list and glossary of Canvas common terms.

          In order for students to access a course, the course needs to be published and the start date needs to have passed.  The course start date is determined by the dates sent from PAWS.  Most undergraduate courses are set to start January 26.  Instructors can change the start date to allow early access to a course.

          To message your students in Canvas, make sure the course has been published.  It takes some time for your course to appear in the inbox after publishing.  Select multiple recipients by holding down the ctrl key while selecting.

          Merge courses by cross-listing them under your course settings.

          If you previously taught the course in Canvas, import previous course content into the new course.

          Hide Canvas tools you aren’t going to use from students. 

For additional assistance, use Report a Problem through the Canvas Help menu or contact us through 

If you would like to schedule Canvas training for your department, please reach out to us to setup an appointment.  We can work with you to create a training tailored to your needs.

SOCS has been retired over the winter break and is no longer available.